Peeled: America’s First Vegan Cooking Contest

peeled vkind

Being produced by vKind, the ‘Peeled’ will be streamed worldwide on Unchained TV in July-August & will witness 3 participants vying for the ‘Hottest Vegan Chef’ title

The US is all set to witness its first ever all-vegan cooking competition named ‘Peeled’.  The creators have already finalised four contestants: Chef Jaena Moynihan is now being trained for a board-certified Health and Wellness Coach (Spring 2023). Chef Nocile Derseweh is a personal chef for Hollywood’s health-conscious celebrities. Ched Donal Lemperle has three decades of experience in restaurant industry. Chef Sandra Hurtault is a renowned baker.

The ‘Peeled’ will be hosted by Chef Babette (vegan and raw food chef for over 25 years) and Dr. Shabnam Islam (first generation Bangladeshi-American vegan). The participants will be judged by Chef Chris Tucker (a Southern baker with a French twist), Chef Josie Clemens (vegan baker and celebrity chef), Dr. Miles Woodruff (CEO of Sophie’s Kitchen) and Elysabeth Alfano (media personality, producer and host).

The competition has been created by taking inspiration from other major cooking contests like MasterChef. However, it serves as a perfect platform for vegetarians and vegans to display their culinary arts. The series will be filmed on location at Las Vegas Culinary in Arts District. In the first episode, to be shot at Chef Kenny’s Dim Sum, the contestants will share their stories, taste tell Chef Kenny’s vegan dim sums and solve a trivia of questions.

In episodes two to four, to be filmed at Vegas Vegan Culinary School, they will fight to win $1000 to benefit a charity of their choice and named the Hottest Vegan Chef. The chefs will be given a secret crate to prepare a three-course dinner.

To be aired worldwide on Unchained TV in July-August this year, the contest is being hosted up vKind, an online resource website and mobile listing app. The TV can be accessed through Apple TV, Amazon fire, IOS, Android, Roku and internet.