IDAM House of Brands Acquires 40% Stakes in Bevzilla

bevzilla instant coffee cubes

The FMCG conglomerate will initially invest $1 million in the vegan coffee-tea curator brand Bevzilla

D2C conglomerate IDAM House of Brands acquired 40% stakes in food & beverage brand Bevzilla, curator of India’s first 100% vegan instant coffee cubes. IDAM plans to invest $1 million towards Bevzilla’s new product development, marketing and team building.

Ananta Capital-backed IDAM is a house of FMCG brands on a mission to make multiple consumer brands accessible to everyone. Bevzilla was co-founded by Divisha Chaudhry and Anurag Chhabra in September 2020. The 100% vegan brand is a healthier alternative to other coffee brands.

Bevzilla’s vegan coffee cubes are absolutely sugar-free and infused with organic date palm jaggery. Divisha and Anurag came up with the concept after the unending work-from-home schedules during Covid-19 pandemic triggered a rise in coffee consumption in every household, thereby increasing sugar intake of people.

Founders of IDAM House of Brands and Bevzilla

Being the sole producer of instant coffee cubes, Bevzilla clicked with consumers instantly and witnessed remarkable sales last year. The brand is now planning to expand its reach by creating various products in markets across various GCC countries like Dubai.

Besides coffee cubes, the brand offers instant iced tea in Peach Passion, Lemon Mint, blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry, Mango, Orange, Strawberry, Lichi, Watermelon, Cherry, Green Apple, Vanilla and Black Currant flavors.

The company also manufactures Hot Chocolate Mix (made from 100% pure cocoa and organic date palm jaggery) and healthy teas (Chamomile green tea, Mint green tea and Moringa green tea). Bevzilla is currently available in over 100 retail stores including The New Shop, Nilgiris, Foodhill, etc. The vegan coffee-tea products are also available on Bevzilla’s own website and Amazon.

Making the announcement, IDAM Founder & CEO Aakash Anand, “Bevzilla has carved a niche in the beverage industry and attained expertise, making it a potential brand for acquisition. We’re delighted to be working together and hope to achieve the 100-crore ARR target in the coming two years.”

IDAM Co-founder & COO Saahil Nayar said: “(We're) Exhilarated about this acquisition and newest addition of Bevzilla - India’s first & only Instant Beverage Cubes brand to our family at IDAM House of Brands. While as founders Aakash Anand and myself find ourselves at crossroads almost every other day, this was one such crossroad where seeing the dynamic and young Anurag Chhabra & Divisha Chaudhry made it an easy choice.”

Bevzilla’s Co-founders Divisha and Anurag said, “While looking for instant and healthier options for a cup of coffee, we came up with an idea of Bevzilla. As people are leaning towards a healthier lifestyle that is also easy to make and less time-consuming, we find our product, Instant Coffee Cubes, to be the perfect solution. With IDAM, the company looks forward to expanding and reaching a market, both nationally and internationally where the product receives the recognition it deserves.”

Both the companies are now looking forward to providing the customers with an enriching, instant and healthy experience of pure flavored coffee, iced tea milkshakes and much more.