Finding Real Food

Modern food sciences such as nutrition, biochemistry and dietetics emphasize molecules and calories and type foods as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They give no credibility to the bioelectric energy within food, which is often embraced by energy-sensitive and earth-friendly people, as well as synesthetics, those people who can sense things beyond the perception of a particular sense organ.

These advanced sciences especially food engineering, agronomics and food industrial engineering, prescribe chemistry as the solution to all needs, either a biomarker molecule that inhibits an enzymes, that allows more of a specific molecule to circulate in the blood, or that counteracts a natural process of the body such as inflammation. Inflammation is villifed as the problem, rather than deeper consideration on why the body became inflamed. Deficits in function are solved by replenishing the supply of a molecule associated with that function. Everything is better living through chemistry. Truthfully, this idea is taken from discoveries of vitamin C curing scurvy and vitamin D curing rickets.

However, substituting food with a bowl of supplements and laboratory-synthesized pills is not harmonious for the body. Insulin is an excellent medicine for diabetics, who could not eat properly without the hormone. Yet, very few focus on the inflammation that caused the imbalance in the immune system that destroyed the insulin response system and often created antibodies to attack the beta-insulin cells in the pancreas.

Even the dietary supplement movement, which is the parallel chemistry industry competing with pharmaceuticals, encourages daily consumption of vitamins, minerals, and chemicals in herbs that will supply the key to unlock your physiology. Liberal physicians have now begun to prescribe vitamin B complex after giving heavy doses of antibiotics.  But there is no discussion of the ecosystem in which we live, in which we eat.  There is no integration of the effects of light, sound, vibrations and the effect of biological electrical energies on food. If we eat food that grows near electrical power lines, what is the effect? Our instinct tells us to avoid it if we are gardeners.  But people who eat from nicely-packaged grocery items are rarely attuned to the conditions in which their food is grown.

Ayurveda whispers that food comes in material and non-material forms and gives several terms such as bhojana, aahaara, and anna. Anna is all things we ingest -- take in and down through our mouth -- that are nutriments, including food, but also including drinks, lickables, and smoke. If it is not nutritious, it is not anna. Aahaara includes all things we take into our being, both food and material items, but also all things that enter through our senses and our mind. Aahaara can also include distractions, dilutions, and detriments to a nutritious meal. Bhojana is the constructed meal with all its components, like an outfit with all its components and its net effect.

In ayurveda, whatever we take into us that helps align our health and move it toward the optimal state is called medicine. Food is medicine. Clean flowing water is medicine. Food made with love is medicine.

swastasya awaasthya raksanam | aturasya vikara prashamanam ||

Everything in ayurveda is about maintaining good healthy life,

or providing solutions to return to the state of health.

Medicine is defined by ayurveda as that which brings a person away from fear and toward sitting strongly inside oneself. It includes both material and vibrational solutions in ayurveda, which acknowledges the power and medicinal effect of sound vibrations on everything we eat.

How we define food and medicine is a reflection of our spiritual vibration. People that only accept that physically-verifiable chemicals made of atoms are real, whereas non-material things are false, psychosomatic, and pseudoscience will never acknowledge non-chemical elements in food. They are the policymakers and economic counselors and remain in the mindset that "you have to see it to believe it."  While they believe in atoms, bosons, and electricity, they refuse to acknowledge healing through light therapy on food, the effects of divine harmonious music known as raga on food, or the use of gemstones around the containers of food. The vibrations of gold, silver, copper, and bronze, tin, and brass rendered them medicinal for eating, storing or cooking food.  But they have been touted as superstitions and useless luxuries. Most people today are using vessels and cooking instruments that destroy the energy and vibrations in food, but are unaware.

For thousands of years, ayurveda has also believed in evidence, but in the form of long-term solutions that can be observed over time as beneficial in actual live human patients replicated again and again, not in rats or cell cultures or computer-based docking programs. Ayurveda believes those foods are medicinal that alter a person's digestion, mood and strength. These real food help him to behave differently, feel less pain, sleep well, have consistent appetite, and feel happy. When a condition seems permanent or terminal according to modern medicine, but can be shifted again and again using ayurvedic approaches that include a specific diet or inclusion of specific foods, why is that not evidence?

All things in our daily food and lifestyle can be medicines because they shift our cellular functions. As they shift the functions of our liver and kidney and change the movements of our visceral muscles, the DNA in those cells alter to adapt to the needs of the environment, and alter what is read and produced from the DNA, much like choosing which books you will open to read today. This is called beyond the genetics, or epigenetics. Our clock genes turn on and off during the day to process those food nutrients from your previous meals, but only if they were digested.

These epigenetic effects are just beginning to be understood by scientists, who are still infants in their understanding of the effects of lifestyle, vibrations, light, and routines on the medicinal value of food.

One reason why cancer researchers, heart disease physicians, and stroke doctors are unable to cure patients is that the patients are lost one step further each time they eat hospital food. The preservatives, binders, fillers, ingredients to maintain freshness, and coloring agents clog up the body, furthering the disease.  When the power of the mind, the variable of bioelectric and electromagnetic fields are included into the equation of healthcare, only then will they be able to understand the living energy code that instructs the DNA-RNA-protein chain.

Until modern scientists can integrate the role of prana -- the life force, all their calculations of food as physical molecules and chemical energy trapped in molecular bonds will lead them short of true solutions. We must look beyond chemistry for the solutions that real food is waiting to feed us.