The ‘V’ Cook Bookshelf – February

everyday superfoods

For the month of February we have handpicked three cook books from across the world. One is by Nandita Iyer, who has shared recipes that are healthier and use locally produced Indian ingredients. Little Green Kitchen is about recipes that are kids friendly, and the third one is by the popular chef Dan Toombs, who by his own admission calls himself the 'Curry Guy'. He shares the recipes that he discovered in his quest across India.

Everyday Superfoods by Nandita Iyer

Nandita Iyer’s essential guide to adding superfoods to the diet, which as she says – One Step at a Time was published in 2021

With Superfoods being the keyword to healthy eating, Nandita brings in the context of India, with its diversity. She writes about the local produce that’s abundantly available– from millets in Karnataka to amaranth in Himachal Pradesh; turmeric in Salem to tea in Darjeeling and so on. one can introduce superfoods to one’s diet through simple recipes that can be made everyday. Easy meal plans, choosing what to eat based on your need are ecplored in the book through easy-to-follow recipes. Nandita Iyer says this cook book is a crucial step towards wellness. Nandita Iyer is a nutritionist. Her blog is Saffron Trail.




Curry Guy Veggie by Dan Toombs

Dan Toombs is the ‘Curry Guy’ himself based in UK. His passion for discovering the curry tradition rose along with his popularity. He began to publish his blog from 1993 onwards, and has published many books.

The cook book, ‘Curry Guy Veggie’ published in 2019 features meat-free Indian vegetarian food. This was the result of Dan’s quest to discover and learn Indian recipes. The book has 100 recipes that are simple, yet delicious. Starters, classic curries, Idli, Dosa, Breads and side dishes are carefully curated with ingredients and easy to follow instructions for the benefit of vegetarians from across the world, who love Indian curries.

Every recipe can be made from start to finish without any base sauce. This is a selection of some of India’s most popular authentic vegetarian dishes, says Dan Toombs on his blog.




Little Green Kitchen by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl

The husband-wife team Luise and David of the blog ‘Green Kitchen Stories’ created simple recipes and sought the help of their three children to try, test and approve them.

Omari McQueen, UK’s youngest award-winning vegan chef with a cook book at the age of 12 has proved young kids are the changemakers. If they are happy with food the dinner table becomes a happy place.

Luise and David, the husband-and-wife team behind acclaimed vegetarian blog Green Kitchen Stories, help you perfect the art of quick and easy vegetarian and vegan meals for all the family. Tried and tested by their three small children, their simple recipes mentioned in the cookbook include creamy broccoli pasta, tofu cashew masala, plus party food options and lunchbox favourites. Their recipes also come with option to upgrade to make it adult oriented.