Evo Foods Create Plant-based Boiled Eggs

Vegan Eggs

Be it liquid eggs developed last year or the boiled vegan eggs, Evo products are nutrient-rich and close substitutes for poultry eggs

“Egg but not egg?”

“Yeh andaa nahi hai? (This isn’t egg?) I can’t believe… It tastes exactly like egg!”

“I don’t remember when was the last time I ate an actual egg! But I clearly remember the taste… and it (Evo) is exactly the same!”

These are many of the few reactions that Vegan Eggs - the first-ever heat-stable and plant-based boiled eggs, developed by Evo Foods, have evoked from the visitors to a recent event held in Jio Drive, Mumbai. The Mumbai-based company has been working on a substitute for chicken eggs, since its inception in August 2019. And guess what? It did succeed in “creating high-quality, affordable protein sources for the world,” as quoted by its co-founder and CEO Shraddha Bhansali.

Owner of Candy & Green – a vegan restaurant in Mumbai – Shraddha teamed up with Kartik Dixit, who is into animal welfare and climate change, to set up Evo Foods. The product is a close substitute to chicken eggs and is devoid of any animal hormones or antibiotics – a vegan’s.

Though plant-based, Evo’s boiled vegan eggs don’t compromise on texture, flavor, chemistry or nutritional values. As part of the project, the company initially compared the database of egg proteins with that of plant proteins being grown in India, on various parameters. Then, it selected proteins with the best match before creating the boiled eggs using its proprietary texturising technology. The end product is simply unbelievable and mouth-wateringly tempting!

As a result, these egg substitutes will help reduce carbon footprint to a great extent. All this and more, without compromising on taste and nutrition, while being cruelty-free; the vegans are going to love them. “We are extremely lucky to have a strong team of scientists and engineers who made this feat possible within just a year of R&D, including the lockdowns in India,” Kartik Dixit, co-founder and CEO, said at the event.

vegan eggs
An array of dishes made from Evo's liquid egg

Last year, Evo Foods developed liquid egg from moong dal (green gram), chick pea and pea protein. Besides being rich in Vitamin B12, D3 and BCAA, the liquid egg contains 11g protein per serving (100 ml). It looks like a whipped up egg and is absolutely cholesterol-free. It’s a perfect substitute to make scrambled eggs, omelettes, egg rolls or other dishes.

Currently, the company is in talks with a few quick service restaurant chains in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Both the products will be made available at these restaurants in March.