India- The Best Destination for Vegetarians

India is already the best destination in the world for vegetarians. It has had a head start for Vegans: Wendy Werneth Wendy Werneth is an intrepid traveler, vegan foodie and …

Satvik Food

Gita Hari promotes Vegetarian and Satvik food

Amongst the factors that influence the age-old culinary traditions are – health and wellness. In south of India, the Tamil Nadu Brahmin cuisine is largely Satvik – vegetarian that only uses ingredients that induce goodness and harmony in the body.

Baking A Vegan Business From Her Home

 Bonnie Gertrude of Pearfect Bond, bakes vegan delicacies from her home in Hyderabad, India Bonnie Gertrude belongs to a new breed of baking entrepreneurs from Hyderabad, who are making a …