Brew it Overnight; Sip it through the Day!

Dorje Teas

Dorje Teas brings the next generation of Darjeeling Teas with India's first Cold Brew!

Organic Tea Brand Dorje that markets Darjeeling Tea in association with the Selim Hill Tea Collective has launched the brand new version. They announced, "We are constantly looking at making newer products available to our customers. After months of research, under the guidance of the legendary tea planter Rajah Banerjee, we have perfected India’s First Cold Brew."

The new brew is aimed at the younger consumers.

darjeeling teaOne of the oldest Tea Estates in Darjeeling Selim Hill is located at 4000 feet in the Darjeeling Himalayan sub region. It is one of the 87 tea gardens of Darjeeling. It was first planted by the Englishman Henry Selim in 1871, and it borders the town of Kurseong. Selim Hill is the first Darjeeling garden that has agreed to participate in the innovative subscription model conceptualised by Dorje Teas in a bid to brings consumers and producers closer.

More about Selim Hill Collective

Spanning over 1,000 acres, half of the garden area is covered by the Selim Hill Forest, which is home to hundreds of different species of birds, including the great Indian hornbill, animals like leopards, barking deers, and elephants, and different species of spiders and snakes.

The spiritual life of the forest is captured in Selim Hill’s teas.

The Selim Hill Collective was created by the trustees of the tea estate, under the Chairmanship of Rajah Banerjee. The purpose of the Collective is to reimagine the space of the tea estate, by moving away from the model of commercially exploited plantations to that of an inclusive and naturally holistic garden.

The New Dorje Cold Brew

Dorje Teas calls the Cold Brew Teas specially prepared at Selim Hill Tea Garden as the Next Generation of Darjeeling Tea.

Sparsh Agarwal, founder of Dorje Teas shares. “This was done under the guidance and expertise of Rajah Banerjee, the former owner of the famous Makaibari tea estate. This cold brew is available in 250 gm and 100 gm."

“The Dorje cold brew tea is dark, bold and strong. It is a loose leaf product that is meant to be brewed overnight and sipped through the day, over ice, he adds.

Here's How to make the Cold Brew -